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I know you are all dying for an Ecuador Elections update… thankfully you have me here to report on…
IndecisiÓn 2006 (dos mil seis)

Ok… we at world teach are on the alert. Crazy protests may or may not happen on the 15th. In the case that they do I will be brave and not count my students as absent.

Anyways… I don’t think very many people have there minds made up here regarding who to vote for. So it’s panic time, because unlike in the US the Ecuas have to vote. Not only is it legally mandatory, it is practically enforced. When you vote you get a piece of paper which you will need in order to buy a house, a car, register yourself or your kids for school, or even go to the bank.

So decisions decisions…

There are fifteen candidates. And now that I have watched the debates I have ranked the following most likely hopefuls in order of evil… least to most.

Álvaro NOBOA
Party: National Action Institutional Renewal Party / Partido Renovador Institucional Acción Nacional (PRIAN)
Total moron. Literally. I’d heard before I actually saw this guy speak that he wasn’t the most eloquent man on earth. In fact he makes George Bush look like Winston Churchhill. Way way too many Nestle products in his diet. Can’t figure out what he thinks about the issues… but supposedly his wife is quite clever.
Don’t think he’s evil. Just dumb and ugly.
Alliance: Country Alliance / Alianza PAIS
Speaking from my gut, I would rate Correa as a 7 on my 1 to 10 evil scale. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t vote for him… because he can also speak, and seems to be pretty quick on his feet. Plus, I give him points for talking about the Boliviarian dream of unity, talking about Colombian intrusions in a sensible, balanced fashion, and expressing doubts about the Fair Trade Agreement.
Bit of a weirdo, he seems to be amused by the fact that he’s in this race.
Alliance: Democratic Left - Ethical and Democratic Network / Alianza Izquierda Democrática y Red Democrática (ID- RED)
Roldos is Either a 1 or a 9 on the evil scale. I really can’t tell. He does seem really honest though, to the point where I don’t think he’ll win this election. He’s a good speaker, but doesn’t have a very attractive personality. Still… his hard core stance in regards to the Free Trade Agreement and, once again, pan-American unity, is pretty likeable.
Again… weirdo.
Cynthia VITERI
Party: Social Christian Party / Partido Social Cristiano (PSC)
Cynthia scores a very strong ten out of ten. There is no doubt in my mind that this is pure evil we’re looking at here. To start with, she’s the only person in this whole country blonder than me… and that takes chemical processing. Seriously though, I think this woman would set up camps for the Colombians and Peruvians if she could. And as for her stance on the FTA? There are so many sexist, derogatory things I could say about her relationship with foreign national CEOs.


The Ecuadorians can and may vote NULA, which of course is a non-vote. And if enough do, then no one can be constitutionally elected and the parliament has to get involved. Still not exactly sure what happens in this case but the utter chaos sounds pretty exciting to me.

Oh fuck... I'm being dr_ninjapants

(Only the difference is that when dr_ninjapants writes unsolicited, hap-hazard tyrades against everyone's favorite movie he's off-base whereas I'm right.)

Chris Columbus can suck my cock. I cannot believe they're still letting that hack direct.

Adventures in Babysitting (1987) kicked ass. But that was obviously a fluke.

The man manages to drain the life out of really well cast, pre-packaged, sure-fire flicks.

Rent should have been easy. Everyone was so good. Even Rosario Dawson didn't detract. But then this moron decided the following:

1. Opera's don't need to be sung... that much.
2. Characterization must be offered up on the alter of the non-sequitar, supposedly placating lesbian commitment ceremony (see... it's ok... they're COMMITED lesbians.)
3. A denim clad Roger, singing on a country western/Christian inspiration set was appropriate.
4. Nonsexual relationships are boring so expendable.
5. HIV support groups are fun and cameras are welcome.
6. Singing on a bike is ok!

Am I the only one that got the feeling that Columbus doesn't really like musicals? Or bohemian... anything?

Who was this marketed to?

PS: The Tango Maureen turned into a bi-phobia fest!

Oh the things you learn researching grad-schools

"Five-College folklore
A popular urban legend among Five College students holds that the characters on the Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo represent the five colleges. The legend has Daphne representing Smith College and Velma as Mount Holyoke (though the two are sometimes reversed, particularly by those who perceive Velma – and Smith – as lesbian), with Fred representing Amherst College, Shaggy as Hampshire College, and Scooby as UMass Amherst. Hanna-Barbera Productions, CBS executive Fred Silverman, and some of the show's writers have said that this story is false [2], and that the show was actually based on the radio program I Love a Mystery and the TV sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis."

Joy of Campy Fanfic Premises

Quote from summary: "Mulder and Krycek are investigating a case of slain gay bikers..."

That's almost as sweet as "Kirk and Spock are marooned on a deserted planet, when the Pon Farr kicks in."



So I realize I've kinda taken myself out of commision these past couple days. (I don't know... I think there was some plan to see a movie tonight or something...)

But I have had the strangest physical symptoms for the past few days, and I've only just realized that I was probably poisoned.

I have this terrible terrible spider bite that I noticed on Tuesday that has just gotten progressively more painful. It doesn't look bad at all; just like a bad mosquito bite. But it hurts. At first it just felt like I'd gotten a Tetanus shot (sour muscles underneath). But now it feels like I got ten shots. My arm aches up to five inches away from the bite and when ever I bend it (the bite is just in the crook at my elbow).

Plus I started getting feverish yesterday and nauseous. Though I didn't conect these two things till today.

What the hell bit me?

And is it still in my bed?

I think I'll go to a doctor tomorrow. But I'm sure they won't tell me anything useful. It doesn't look bad at all.

This shit wouldn't happen to me if I had moose cavalry.

Firefly Wowness

I knew this was gonna be an awesome show... cause I'd hear rumors on the wind.

But I didn't KNOW.

Holy fuck.

This is SWEET!!!

I want toy dinosaurs.